Especificaciones para Plataforma Nueva De Dos Ejes

Trailer Nuevo Fabricado por Evans Trailers en USA.

GVWR 100,000 lbs. evenly distributed load over the length of the trailer. 50,000 lbs.distributed over 4 feet.
Tare Weight Approx. 10,900 lbs + 3%
Overall Length 48 ft.
Overall Width 102 inches
King Pin Location 36 inches
Fifth Wheel Height 48 inches
Rear Height 54 inches, approximately
Landing Gear 104 inch minimum from king pin.
Crossmembers 4 inch I-Beam on 16 inch centers.
Side Rail 6 inch roll structural steel channel. 6.5 lb./ft.
Rub Rail ¼ inch x 2½ inch flat steel with single pole spool spacers between stake pockets.
Stake Pockets 15/8 inch deep, 3½ inches wide, 4 inches tall (inside dimensions) on 24 inch centers. 3 stake pockets at rear.
Stabilizers 6 outriggers per side.
Floor Apitong
Upper Coupler Pick up plate is 5/16″ thick and is reinforced fore and aft of king pin by ¼” formed channels.
ICC Bumper Meets D.O.T. standard and requirement
Landing Gear Two-speed, 50,000 lb. lift capacity; 140,000 lb. static load capacity. Roadside crank handle. Low profile 10′ x 10′ sand shoes.
Suspension Air ride undermount suspension with height control kit. 122 inch axle centers. 5″ round axles; 25,000 lbs. nominal rating. Cam shafts to the rear. Push rods under. HM series bearings.
Lubrication Oil
Slack Adjusters Automatic
Wheels 8¼ x 22.5 steel. Hub piloted tubeless type. Painted white. Outboard mount drum. Cast steel hub. Hub piloted.
Brakes Single tank, two valve system. 2S/1M ABS brake control system with diagnostics. Sealco #110700 spring brake valve. 30/30 brake chambers.
Tires 11R 22.5 (14 ply rating).
Electrical System 12V, 7-way split pin receptacle plug; modular wiring harness.
Lights Grommet mounted combination stop/tail/turn light; clearance lights; license light.
Paint Shot blast, prime, topcoat.
FHWA plate, tare weight.
Conspicuity Meets DOT requirements
Mud Flaps Plastic anti-sail, Mounted with 4 bolts

Customize your trailer

Fixed, sliding or spread axles – Tri or quad axles – 28′ to 53′ – Lengths96″ widthCross members on 12″ Centers – Aluminum wheels 24.5″ wheels – 8″ channel Side rail – Double spool pipe spacer – 3/8″ pick-up plate – Aluminum floor with apitong nailers – Spring suspension – Bulkhead: aluminum/steel, removable/fixed – LED lights – Toolbox – Retractable twistlocks – Kingpin location – Spare tire and carrier.